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You don’t have to give up your cat or resort to drugs! As a cat behaviorist, I help owners worldwide by in-home consultation or by phone and email.  I’ve had professional training and over 28 years of experience, and can work with you and your cat to overcome these and other problems.    Have you adopted shelter cats, and they’re having trouble adjusting? Is your cat aging and experiencing difficulties, or having a problem adjusting to a new cat or baby in the family? I can help. It may not be a matter of resorting to a pill, if the problem is behavioral. I love what I do!  I’ve also been featured on TV, radio and press (see ‘About Me‘). If what you have already tried has not worked, there is a better solution.


 I am the only professionally-trained, accredited,

specifically-feline behaviorist in Arizona.       


problem cat 

I also help with shelter environment enrichment, behavior assessment  of shelter cats, classes and talks for clinics, colleges and organizations.


Email me at JANE_EHR@HOTMAIL.COM or call 602-410-9236

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